Kensington Woods Students Give Back

During the week of July 16, 2017, Christiana Eishenhaut (Kensington Woods Class of 2014) and Theresa Leffert (Kensington Woods Class of 2018) traveled to Eureka, Missouri with a group of students and adults from St Mary Magdalene (Brighton) and St John (Howell) to help with Flood Relief Effort with the National Relief Network. During this time they deconstructed a home, deforested a river and helped a few homeowners with laying new carpet and installing some plumbing.  The work that they did helped homeowners recover from flooding that happened in May of 2017.  

Each individual spent approximately 32 hours during the week helping with the deconstruction.  Christiana was there to support the group as their EMT and Theresa helped with the deconstruction.

Theresa said, "This work was hard as the temperatures each day reached the upper 90's with the heat index one day of 108 degrees. But it is very rewarding to give back to a community in need and to give them some hope about a brighter future."

Next years trip is already being planned and they will be helping out communities in need once more.