Creating a Community of Learners

Through a focus on subject-area integration and developing 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication, learning at Kensington Woods is a student-centered and relevant exploration of academic content and skills.

At Kensington Woods, we know that for students to succeed, they must engage in their classes and their learning environment. Students and teachers collaborate with each other, creating a culture of a community of learners, where students are accepted for who they are and developing passions is encouraged. An emphasis is placed on developing strong relationships between students and teachers, with high expectations created for students. Research shows that when students have a strong connection with a teacher and are held to high expectations, they engage more with their learning and achieve more. Class sizes are kept small, allowing for students to get the one-on-one attention they deserve.

Kensington Woods offers students many unique learning opportunities, all with the goal of developing graduates who are active citizens, independent thinkers and lifelong learners that are prepared for success at college and in their future career.


Academic Program

The Kensington Woods Difference is defined, at the core, by its academic program and curriculum. The Kensington Woods Difference focuses on an academically challenging college-preparatory curriculum designed to meet state and national content standards. This curriculum is woven in with strong student/teacher relationships, character education and innovative teaching methods that bring the real world to the classroom all in a small, personal learning environment.

Middle School

Our Middle School (grades 6-8) creates an environment where students are able to express their individuality during a time of life which is often filled with insecurity, supported by a caring teachers. By the end of eighth grade, students are ready for the greater independence and rigor of our High School. This is accomplished through an academic program which has depth and by a culture which emphasizes responsibility and respect.

High School


Kensington Woods' High School program (grades 9-12) prepares students to succeed in college. Students who graduate from KWHS will not only leave our program with core knowledge of their academic and elective courses but also with 21st century skills that allow them to understand why it is important and how to use it effectively.