Flashback: Congressman Rolls Out Energy Plan

Congressman Rolls Out Energy Plan

May 27, 2008

Congressman Mike Rogers began his public pitch today in Lansing and Howell for an 11-point plan he says will help the nation achieve oil independence by 2015. The legislation, which was introduced last week, focuses on decreasing the importation of oil from overseas through a combination of energy-saving measures and emphasis on harvesting both alternative fuel technology and domestic oil supplies in the arctic and offshore. Rogers made the pitch to an audience this morning at Kensington Woods High School. A major piece of that plan is pushing forward with research and production of alternative fuel vehicles and to help demonstrate that he's been traveling with a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle from General Motors as part of the demonstration. Rogers has put together an animated program of his plan on his website. To get a look at the video presentation, click here.

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