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SAT and MSTEP Testing

To measure our success in meeting the rigorous standards created by the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) and prepare all students for the MSTEP and the SAT tests their Junior year, we have adopted the PSAT testing system. The PSAT sequence assesses students in 9th-11th grade and yields a great deal of results for both the student and us.

At Kensington Woods, students take the PSAT not only to practice test taking but also to evaluate their skill set to allow for more growth.

How the Results are Used

In results given to students, they get advice and guidance about careers they may be interested in, and counseling with regard to the education they need to achieve career goals. These results are reviewed and used regularly in Advisory to set and work towards academic, career and college goals.

Teachers are given data from the PSAT testing early enough to adjust our instruction to meet needs of all students or for individual students. While other schools use the PSAT, only Kensington Woods has the benefit of small size to truly use the information for the students.

Targeted support, individually designed, is also woven into the curriculum, based on the PSAT results. Kensington Woods analyzes the test results and provides services right in school that students in other schools would otherwise pay for in expensive “test prep” classes. These services are worked directly into the daily curriculum for all students as well as provided through regular Advisory classes for all Juniors.

The Data

When we look at test scores, we look at them over time, asking one main question: Have our students improved from where they started? We use this data to regularly tailor our curriculum to our student's needs. At Kensington Woods, we have a proven record continual success at students improving their scores over time, especially for those who started with us as 9th graders or earlier.