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Integrated Studies

Integrated Studies is when more than one subject area or discipline are combined to teach a concept or class. This allows students to see how ideas are connected in a real-world way and teaches content in context, allowing students to develop collaboration and critical thinking skills. Subject integration also helps engage students while increasing knowledge retention.

At Kensington Woods, many classes are taught in an integrated fashion and many teachers bring in other disciplines to teach their subject.

Freshman Seminar combines English 9 and 9th grade Social Studies to investigate global and local issues like poverty while addressing the Michigan Merit Curriculum. Students study themes like poverty by reading complex real-world non-fiction texts as well as literature and poetry to explore topics simultaneously with the study
of geography, history, and people.

Symposium is a semester class designed to be an integrated, project based experience focused on a particular theme. Symposium investigates different themes each semester from a Humanities or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) perspective. Students study the theme from a variety of angles, include from the lens of different subjects and then create a culminating project to critically analyze a problem and propose a solution.

The Middle School program is an integrated program at its core, blending different subjects to address themes and core content. Each year the program focuses on a different theme, using the theme to guide the integrated exploration of content. Learn more here.

Other integrated classes include: World Cultures (World History and World Languages), Chem/Art (Chemistry and Art), English 11 (English 11 and Civics/Government) and English 12 (English 12, Art and Senior Exhibition).