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Class Offerings

Kensington Woods' tailors its schedule each year to meet the needs of its students and offer them the most variety. The list of classes below are classes that are often offered, but not all classes are offered every year, based on student needs and interest.


English Math Science Social Studies
Freshmen Seminar Pre-Algebra Earth Science Freshmen Seminar
English 10 Algebra I/
Algebra 1 Honors
Concepts of Physics US History
English 11 Geometry/
Geometry Honors
Chemistry World History
English 12 Algebra 2/
Algebra 2 Honors
Biology Government
AP English
(Language and Composition)
Adv. Algebra/
Constitutional Law
AP English (Literature and Composition) Pre-Calculus Advanced Physics Criminal Law
Dual Enrollment (for 11th/12th) Calculus Dual Enrollment (for 11th/12th) Economics
  Math Lab   AP Government
  Dual Enrollment (for 11th/12th)   Dual Enrollment (for 11th/12th)
Art World Languages Electives  
Visual Arts 1, 2, 3 World Languages Yearbook  
Digital Art
1, 2, 3
Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper  
Integrated Art Dual Enrollment (for 11th/12th) STEM Symposium  
AP Studio Art   Humanities Symposium  
Dual Enrollment (for 11th/12th)   Creative Media  
    Dual Enrollment (for 11th/12th)  

Students may also be eligible to take courses from Michigan Virtual University. The course catalog can be found here: