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Graduation Requirements

Students will engage in a combination of course work and “real-world” application experiences during their time at Kensington Woods. The following credits will be required for graduation. In addition to these credit requirements, seniors must complete Senior Exhibition before graduation.

Kensington Woods High School recommends a more rigorous course of study in high school to prepare students for success after high school graduation. Studies from the Department of Education show that students who succeeded in challenging high school courses were more likely to go on to college and earn degrees. In addition, it found that the courses students took were a more accurate predictor of their success than grades, test scores, or class rank.


English/Language Arts 4 credits required
Mathematics 4 credits required
Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 & 1 additional math credit  
Science 3 credits required
Physics, Biology, Chemistry
Social Science 3 credits required
Civics/Government, Economics, U.S. History, World History  
Health & Physical Education* 1 credit
Visual or Applied Arts 1 credit
Foreign Language (beginning Class of 16) 2 credits
College Acceptance  
Advisory .5 credit/year
Senior Exhibition  
Project Term .5 credit/year (9th-11th)
Additional Electives To total 22 credits**

*Additional credit in English, Math, Science or Foreign Language may be substituted for Physical Education

**Students need 22 credits to graduate