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A Curriculum for Success in College

Kensington Woods graduates leave prepared for college. From the first day of their experience at Kensington Woods, students are held to high expectations, which include the expectation of preparing yourself for a college education. Student standardized test scores rival and exceed other local districts, especially when students have been enrolled at Kensington Woods for 3 or more years.

This preparation is done through our focus on developing academic thinking and 21st century skills as well as dual-enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP) opportunities, academic planning and college advising, a focus on mastery learning well as an intensive SAT prep program.

Nationwide, the number of students who need to take remedial courses in college has been rising-more than 40 percent of students entering college need remedial courses in mathematics, reading or writing. At KWoods, we have made a formidable commitment to our students to have them adequately prepared for college success when they graduate from Kensington Woods.  We research best practices in high school college readiness and visit high schools that have proven successful programs. These programs are notable in their high expectations for all students and the remarkable achievements of students who are "typical" students, not gifted and talented students vying for entry into magnet schools.

One example has been our focus on developing the kinds of reading skills students need for success in college and beyond, which requires decoding complex, informational texts. Teachers have been trained in how to integrate these texts into their units across all subjects and how to teach them to develop critical thinking skills. This goes hand-in-hand with our focus on improving math proficiency and understanding the scientific method.

Research demonstrates that students who possess a clear vision for their future obtain higher levels of achievement while in high school, and recent studies are showing that students who choose a more rigorous course of study in high school are much more likely to be successful in college. Recent research indicates that for high school seniors, an improvement in math performance equals a significant boost in annual earnings.

Your high school experience is the best chance you have to determine your future. No matter what your past performance was, you have a brand new opportunity to become a better student and succeed in life by reaching your goals and aspirations.

To help students meet our goal of 100% acceptance to college, we provide students with the help and resources they need to help them succeed.