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Character Education

Character Education is integrated throughout our school in a variety of ways.  Kensington Woods offers a supportive, non coercive environment that encourages students to take responsibility for their actions as well as understand that they have choices for their behavior.  Character traits such as; getting along, kindness, optimism, work ethic, responsibility and respect are highlighted throughout the curriculum and students are encouraged to demonstrate these traits outside of the classroom. 

The importance of strong relationships is emphasized throughout Kensington Woods as well as an emphasis on the motivation and the development of the whole student (academic as well as social, emotional and civic responsibility) in order to create the foundation of being a successful member of society.

We believe using one’s mind well is an essential skill that must be learned, practiced and mastered during junior high and high school in order to realize success in any endeavor that will come after high school. Therefore the Kensington Woods Curriculum, using the Michigan content expectations as the foundation, integrates the Habits of Mind into the curriculum. Habits of Mind are characteristics, discovered through research, of intelligent, successful people who demonstrate effective thinking. The research that led to the identification of these 16 Habits of Mind didn’t just look at scientists or artists or the most wealthy people in society, but rather identified these characteristics in successful  mechanics, teachers, entrepreneurs, salespeople and parents – people in all walks of life.