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(Zangle has changed their name to MISTAR. Currently, all the websites address have stayed the same.)

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MISTAR Connect (formerly Zangle)

Recently, Zangle changed their name to MISTAR. Currently, all the websites address have stayed the same.

MISTAR ParentConnect (formerly Zangle ParentConnect)

ParentConnect allows parents access to your student's information (attendance, behavior, grades, transcripts and more) from your home or work computer. If interested, please contact Pam Linn at plinn@kwoods.org or 517.545.0828. You can download the ParentConnect application here.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please keep in mind if you have a pop up blocker running on your computer you must disable it on the ParentConnection site in order to access your account. If you are requested to return to the login page after entering your pin/password then you most likely are blocking the site.

If you have problems with your ParentConnect account, please contact Pam Linn in the Main Office at plinn@kwoods.org or 517.545.0828.

To access the ParentConnect site, follow the link below:

MISTAR StudentConnect (formerly Zangle StudentConnect)

StudentConnect allows students to access their grades and information from their classes. Students will be assigned a MISTAR ID and password at the beginning of the school year. Returning students' login information will be the same from the previous year.

Students having trouble with their StudentConnect account should talk to Pam in the Main Office.

To access the StudentConnect site, follow the link below:

MISTAR TeacherConnect (formerly Zangle TeacherConnect)

TeacherConnect allows faculty at KWHS to record student information, attendance and grades.

To access the TeacherConnect site, follow the link below: