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A Curriculum for the 21st Century

Being prepared for college and the workforce in the 21st century looks a lot different than it did in the past century. Graduates will be asked to apply their knowledge in new, innovative ways. Developing 21st century skills like collaboration, creativity, critical-thinking and communication prepare students for these tasks. At Kensington Woods, we embed the development of these skills in all of our classes and learning experiences every day.

With the focus on 21st century skills, the curriculum is focused less on content and more on what students do with the content. Students make connections, raise questions and make decisions based on inquiry and careful consideration. In today’s information dense world, the profile of the successful 21st century student and worker is one who can find the relevant information, evaluate it, synthesize it, and apply it to solve problems.

By being invested in inquiry based learning, students become active, engaged citizens. Students are presented with a problem or question and engage in activities in which students generate and test hypotheses, create analogies, research, develop empathy, perform field work or community service, and collaborate to present solutions, answers, and discoveries. This process places an emphasis on design-thinking, a process that designers, engineers, scientists, and other professionals follow to solve real world problems.